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Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals of Greater Kansas City

Funds raised by Children’s Miracle Network support a variety of healthcare initiatives at KU Medical Center and The University of Kansas Health System to ensure that children and their families continue to get the best care possible. Through the help of local corporate partners, often fundraising $1 at a time, amazing medical care is happening every day. Take a look.

Putting Your Donations To Work!

Making sure each child receives the best medical care and treatment is exactly why our partners in the community work so hard each year to raise funds during their campaigns and events. While 2020 brought challenges unlike most others, they came through to show just how dedicated they truly are! Below is an overview of how these funds were spent to help Change Kids Health and Change the Future here at KU Medical Center Pediatrics.

Innovative Programs to Support Children & Families: including the Child Life & Music Therapy programs in the inpatient units to help children during their hospital stays and the Happy Bottoms program to assist families in need of diapers for their little ones.

Educational & Palliative Care Services: including Parents as Teachers and KU Kids Healing Place, which is our pediatric palliative care program designed to provide the next step in care for youngsters with a chronic or life-limiting diagnosis.

Patient Care Services: including the purchase of NuRoos for the NICU, which are newborn swaddles to encourage and promote skin-to-skin contact for preemies in addition to the purchase of meal & gas cards to help ease the financial burden to families who have children inpatient for an extended period of time.

Direct Assistance to Families: providing assistance to families for durable medical equipment needs that may not be covered by insurance.

Research Projects: including a study that aims to show the correlations between a positive outlook on health care needs of individuals with disabilities, especially developmental disabilities such as autism.

These services and more are made possible thanks to YOU! We couldn't do it without your help - THANK YOU!

The 2020 Thank You Tour!

The resolutions have been set and the ball has dropped, and everyone is looking forward to a prosperous 2021. But first, our CMN Team wants to take one more opportunity to remember 2020 and the amazing fundraising that our partners did for us!

We filled up our fuel tanks, loaded up on snacks and great podcasts and hit the road to make sure that we could recognize our top performers with an award plaque featuring our 2020 Market Champions, MJ & Russell Williams. We had a blast visiting everyone, snapping some photos
and saying THANK YOU for a job well done!

Extra Life 2020 Wrap Report

As we look back on 2020, there are many things we are eager to leave behind, but there are also many things to celebrate, particularly the amazing Extra Life community!

Extra Life gamers across the country who selected to play games for KU Pediatrics raised over $94,000 last year! As the events of 2020 unfolded, we were unsure what fundraising would look like.

Luckily, our gamers led the way years ago with organizing and operating virtually! As the world transformed around us, we saw the Extra Life community double down on their dedication to helping sick and injured kids and they got serious about making sure that they had the care and resources they need, especially right now. For that, we are immensely grateful.

Join this community of heroic miracle makers by registering for Extra Life 2021 at!

Students Say KU Pediatrics is OUTSTANDING!

For the second year in a row, the KU Pediatric Department has been honored by the KU School of Medicine with the Student Voice Award for Outstanding Clerkship and Outstanding Clerkship Administrator. This award recognizes the KU Pediatric Department faculty and staff for providing students with an exceptional learning experience. We are proud to support a team that is dedicated to training the next generation of pediatricians who will help make miracles for sick and injured kids for years to come!


Last modified: Feb 23, 2021
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